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Pink Party Guidelines

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Pink Parties are a great way of fundraising for the Kells Pink Ribbon Walk and we're delighted to hear that so many of you are getting in touch with your inner party planner and organising your own parties. If you are planning on hosting a Pink Party we ask you to remember these quick guidelines:

  1. The Kells Pink Ribbon Walk is happy to offer advice and guidance for planning your Pink Party, however, the overall running of the Party, including expenses and management is ultimately your responsibility.
  2. When you’re publicising your event, please use the phrase ‘to benefit the Kells Pink Ribbon Walk’ so people are aware that Pink Ribbon Walk is not running the event.
  3. Local businesses have been and continue to be generous supporters of the Kells Pink Ribbon Walk so please don’t ask them for spot prizes, donations, etc for your Pink Party.
  4. Pink Ribbon Walk insurance cannot extend to volunteer events - we recommend you seek independent insurance advice.
Posted on Thursday, 2 August 2012  |  By Emer Taaffe
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